Changes to the Community Forum and ThinLinc Announce mailing list

Dear Community,

We have made some slight changes to how this forum works. In short, we will be shutting down the ThinLinc Announce mailing list, and using the ThinLinc Community Forum to perform a similar role.

Messages which would normally be posted to the ThinLinc Announce mailing list will now be posted to the #announcements category on this forum. This is a low-volume category for important announcements by Cendio staff, for example new releases and security alerts. If you are a ThinLinc user, it is highly recommended that you be subscribed to this category.

Subscribed users will receive an email notification whenever a new post is made. To make sure you are subscribed:

  1. Browse to the #announcements category (clicking the hashtag will take you there)
  2. Click the bell icon at the top right of the category page
  3. Select “Watching First Post”

By selecting “Watching First Post” rather than “Watching”, you will receive an email for each new post in this category, but not for any comments on each post.

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