Are you evaluating ThinLinc as a proof-of-concept for your organization?

ThinLinc can be downloaded free and unrestricted for up to 5 concurrent users, which is often enough to perform testing and evaluation of the product to make sure it fits your needs; but not always. So here’s a reminder of the things we offer to help out with testing ThinLinc.

If you are evaluating ThinLinc for a larger installation and need to test with more than 5 concurrent users, we can offer temporary evaluation licenses to use for this purpose. These are identical to a full paid subscription, but with a limited lifespan, and are ideal for stress-testing and sizing systems.

If you don’t have a paid support subscription but would like access to our full support services during your evaluation, we can provide you with a temporary support subscription. Free support is always available through this forum, however a temporary subscription will give you a taste of our paid support services, and help you get the most out of your testing.

If you feel like you would benefit from either of these in order to get up and running with ThinLinc, contact

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