Cendio at the largest HPC Fair in Europe: ISC 2023 Exhibition


This week, the Cendio team is landing in Hamburg, Germany, to participate in ISC High Performance 2023. The fair will connect public and industry users and technology developers. We will be part of the exhibition which will promote active collaborative exchange in high-performance computing, machine learning, data analysis and quantum computing. We will also take the opportunity to meet our clients. See you there!

We have Jean Zagonel (@muitotri) representing Cendio and Robert Henschel (@RobertHenschel) from Indiana University at the conference this year, so perhaps we can check in with them and see how things are going.

@muitotri, a few questions for you first:

  • How’s the weather in Hamburg?
  • What has been your favourite conference exhibition or presentation so far?
  • Most popular ThinLinc giveaway?

And @RobertHenschel:

  • What number ISC is this for you, and how does it rate compared to past events?
  • Anything new you’ve learned this time around?
  • Any good tips for restaurants or bars in Hamburg?
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Hi @Aaron and @annalauraneumann! Thanks for initiating the conversation!

It is always nice to represent Cendio ThinLinc and meet our current and prospect customers and partners. It is exciting to know that together we help a lot of people to get easy access to their favorite Linux desktops and applications remotely.

The weather was something int the middle of a conflict between a blue & sunny sky and a gray & rainy one. As most part of the day we were indoor, it did not affect us too much. We were lucky to have perfect temperatures for a walk during the evenings, around 20 degrees.

I watched some presentations from cloud providers that were interesting. The favorite was one that presented a technology for optimizing the design and simulation of industrial components using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software.

Normally the ThinLinc toolkit and the stuffed Tux are quite popular. However, as we only visited the ISC 2023 exhibition this year, without having a booth, there was no popular giveaway as the other year. Some ThinLinc pens circulated there.

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