Cendio welcomes a new member to the team

We would like to welcome Martin Östlund (@martin) who recently joined Cendio.

Martin brings with him ~25 years of experience managing Linux-based systems, and will be assisting in a support role as well as maintaining Cendio’s internal systems.

Martin will spend the coming 4 weeks attending the on boarding program at Cendio, where he will be introduced to Cendio’s goals and vision, Cendio’s culture, and technical aspects of ThinLinc. We would like to welcome him and wish him the best of luck, so don’t be afraid to say hi.


Welcome to the team @martin!
It is nice to have you onboard and looking forward to work together!

Hello all community members, and hello to all my new colleagues!
Thank you for the introduction Aron, it feels great to be a part of this tight teem of really experienced people, for which Im sure I will have a ton to learn and be inspired from.

As you mentioned, I’ve been a GNU/Linux user for nearly 24 years (!), professionly a bit less, but still - I feel like I’ve alot to bring to the table.
My main focus for the past ~9 years has mainly been focused on server side technologies, virtualisation and datacenter (cabling, racking, supporting customers) - Switching to the desktop side of things is a new adventure for me which I’m really looking forward to. Using my previous experience and know-how from servers, and together with my team and our customers, I think this will be, “a great success, yes!”