Error installing server on Ubuntu

I’m looking for a way to remote into Linux that keeps a live user session going after disconnecting, so I can reconnect later and still have my user space and apps running.
I tried installing the server on Ubuntu 24.04 LTS but it errors out since there is no lib32 folder in Ubuntu.

This is the one thing keeping me from switching away from windows, that there is no simple way to remote into linux and have it maintain a persistent user space in the same way windows rdp does. Even ubuntu’s built-in remote logon closes all apps when you disconnect so you have to start over when you reconnect.

dpkg: error processing archive /home/xxxxxx/Downloads/thinlinc/tl-4.16.0-server/pa
ckages/thinlinc-server_4.16.0-3491_amd64.deb (–unpack):
unable to create ‘/lib32/’ (while processing
‘./lib32/’): No such file or directory

Hi I’m on Ubuntu 24.04 and I have found sometimes it crashes and goes to the log off for months now.

Do you have Ubuntu’s Live patch setup on the server?

Hi @RedR5D4

The current ThinLinc release is incompatible with Ubuntu 24.04. We have a new release coming out soon that will rectify these issues. See the following entry on our issue tracker for more details:

8335 – Installation of server deb package on Ubuntu 24.04 Beta fails

Creating a symlink from /usr/lib to /lib32 before the installation will fix this.

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The upcoming 4.17.0 release has fixed this, download the beta here to test: