How to change the default TCP port from 22 on the ThinLinc server?

In the client it is possible to change the default TCP port from 22 to any other port number via the GUI in its Settings, but how can I do this on the server?! I could not find the answer.
All I’m interested in is running x-applications on the Linux box running the Thinlinc server (which is terribly slow through ordinary ssh -X). However, the powers that be have decided that no standard ports are allowed on that machine nor in the firewall. I can access that machine just fine over ssh using the alternative port number.
I’m thankful for any hints, suggestions, solutions, …

Hello @isbjoernen, and welcome to our community forum!

The default port (22) is not decided by the ThinLinc server. ThinLinc communicates with sshd on this port, so you’ll need to change that. Generally, this is done by uncommenting #Port 22 in /etc/ssh/sshd_config and changing 22 to something more suitable for you, then restarting the ssh server.

Depending on which distribution you’re using, there might be other configurations that have to be adjusted as well. SELinux, firewall etc.

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