Marking a node in the subcluster as inactive


We have a thinlinc HA setup running in cluster mode with 2 nodes in the cluster


# Enable HA operations by setting this to 1.

# A space-separated list of the nodes in the cluster

Now, we have a scheduled reboot of one node in the coming days. So, what I wanted is that from now till the day of reboot all the sessions get created in another node i.e

Normally you’d mark one server (thats up for a reboot) for “out-of-service” - so existing sessions on it gets time to finish - but no new ones are started. Does Thinlinc support that? (it’s like you do with slurm, and kubernetes nodes)

Is this possible and how ? that too without affecting my running sessions on node ?

Hello @Aman,

Yes, this is possible! Simply remove from the agents= configuration on both HA nodes, and restart vsmserver on both. This will keep any already running session on that agent, but prevent new sessions from being created on


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Thanks a lot @martin

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