Monitoring per user resources consumption

Hello There,

It is been a week we started to migrate user on Thinlinc solution. For now we only have one department of 7 employees that fully use Thinlinc as the new browser to access Internet (direct Internet access on their physical machines is blocked).

I was wondering if in a near futures releases, it will be possible to directly monitor users ressources comsumptions on the Thinlinc Web Admin Page and with some graph (total user/per users) ?

For now, I only monitor memory consumption in CLI on each nodes to see the users consumption.

Or do you have any idea or tips to do it with another solution ? Maybe ELK or Graphana ? But will it be live ressource consumption displayed ?

As you can see on the screen shot, we only have 4 users per nodes for now. And they already consummes almost half of the memory allocated. The CPU is not a problem.

We only give access to Google Chrome browser when they connect to Thinlinc.
Our final objectif is deploy Thinlinc to our all 400 employees (700 in 2022), but with 4-5Gb per user.

We need almost 2TB of RAM, while the CPU will be in holidays.

Thanks !

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Hi @s0p4L1n

Resource monitoring is really outside the scope of ThinLinc, but as you mentioned there are a number of different options available. I am not familiar with ELK or Grafana, but one which I know some customers have used on their ThinLinc systems is Nagios. Perhaps something worth looking into.