None of the services start at boot up on Centos6.10 after upgrade to 4.12.1

Following an upgrade from 4.11 to 4.12.1 the vsmserver, agent, tlwebadm and tlwebaccess services didn’t start at boot despite they’re showing up as :on for run levels 2-5 on chkconfig -list. Every reboot requires they be manually started now. Also, the 4.12.1 upgrade after encountiering an error with the print options threw out the /etc/init.d entries for all of them. Restarting the upgrade just exists saying its already installed. The 4.11 /etc/init.d entries had to be reloaded from a backup. What am I missing here.

@schampio ThinLinc 4.12 removed support for SysV init scripts in favour of systemd units. You could check whether the services are enabled in systemd using something like systemctl is-enabled vsmserver.

RHEL6/CentOS6 dont support systemctl or systemd. So are you saying the product we purchased and have been running on our CentOS6.10 servers is no longer supported there starting with 4.12. As we’re locked into CentOS6 for the next two years I’ll need some work arounds to fall back to 4.11. I’ll contact sales about a refund on our licenses.

Ah, you’re right. I wasn’t sure which version they switched. I do see that CentOS 6 has reached end-of-life now, though.

Cendio provides support for ThinLinc versions up to 3 years from date of release, so for 4.11 this would be December 2022.