Running a single app using ThinLinc

Sometimes you don't need to run a complete desktop in your ThinLinc session. In that case, you can run a single application instead. This tutorial shows three ways to set up ThinLinc to run just one program instead of an entire desktop.

It is assumed that the ThinLinc server and client are installed and configured before starting this guide. To be able to run an application with ThinLinc, the application needs to be installed on the same machine as the ThinLinc server.


Configuration using a terminal

1. Go to the following catalogue on the ThinLinc server machine:


2. Edit profiles.hconf, for example by using vi.

$ sudo vi profiles.hconf

3. Add a new profile. This example shows running only Mozilla Firefox in a ThinLinc session:

name=single app test 
description=demonstrating publishing single app
cmdline=${TLPREFIX}/bin/tl-single-app firefox
testcmd=type firefox

Read more about tl-single-app on its man-page.

4. After adding the new profile, you need to append it to the order-parameter:

order=gnome gnome-classic firefox

5. Save and quit.

6. Now you should be able to see your new profile when you log in to ThinLinc.


Configuration using ThinLinc Web Administration

1. Go to your ThinLinc Web Administration page.

2. Chose Profiles -> Profile List:

Menu with profile list


3. Click on "Add new profile":


4. Fill in requested information about your profile. This example shows running only LibreOffice Writer in a ThinLinc session.


5. Now you should be able to see your new profile when you log in to ThinLinc.

Read more about customizing the user's session here.


Configuration using ThinLinc Client Options

You can also use the ThinLinc Client Options. All you need to do is the following:

1. Open your ThinLinc client and go to options.

2. Go to Advanced tab.

3. Check “Start the following program”.

4. Write the command for the application. The following example uses Mozilla Firefox.