Thinlinc client frequently freezes on MacOS

I’ve recently installed ThinLinc on a headless Linux box, and I’m using the client on a MacBook Pro M1. Several times per hour, the connection freezes for around 10 seconds. I have seen this behaviour with NoMachine as well, so I don’t think it is ThinLinc’s fault. I also think it is not specific to the M1 Mac, which is emulating an Intel machine.

Is anyone else seeing this? Can anybody suggest a fix?

Hi @canticle


This is not something I’ve heard of before. How are these machines connected? Are they on the same LAN or is the ThinLinc server somewhere on the Internet?

It would be interesting to first try to figure out if the problem is on the Mac or on the Linux server. Do you still have general network access from the Mac when this happens?
Will packets be dropped between your Mac and the Linux server during these times? Try to fire up a terminal window with ping to the Linux ipaddress and wait for the freeze to happen, do you get icmp timeouts?


Thanks @martin

First, my apologies for not getting back sooner.

The Linux boxes are on gigabit ethernet to a TP-Link semi-smart switch which is connected to a Ubiquiti EdgeMax router. They are running Arch Linux and Linux Mint respectively. The MacBooks are on wifi, with a Ubiquiti access point which is connected to the same switch. Nothing other than standard processes and browsers is running on any of the machines, except Jellyfin on the Linux boxes, and whatever I’m using to try to reproduce the freeze. (Kpatience is good because I’m constantly moving the mouse!) Jellyfin was not active during the tests.

I’ve updated the OS on all the machines and I seem to be getting shorter and less frequent freezes, so I haven’t been able to do catch them in time to do a ping test.

I have occasionally seen different wifi issues in the past with MacBooks, which are resolved by turning wifi off and on again. This also used to happen even when the access point was an Apple wifi router. So I’m still leaning towards it being an Apple wifi problem. I’ve installed ThinLinc on an ethernet-connected iMac and I’m trying to detect the freezes there, without success so far except for momentary hiccups.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep this thread open for a few days so I can try to reproduce the issue after the multiple OS updates.

OK, it turns out that everything freezes. I can’t ping, can’t get an ssh session to respond.

So I think it’s unlikely that my problem has anything to do with ThinLinc. Marking this as solved and hoping I can hunt down the issue elsewhere.

Okay, some progress at least :slight_smile: If you’re up for it, please share your conclusions when you find the root cause of your network issue.