Thinlinc update for Mac M1 ARMv7 Sonoma 14.0


I am using the Thinlinc client v. 4.14.0 on a Mac M1 with ARM chip. I have seen several times that Thinlinc client suggest that a new version is available when the client box pops up. However, in the downloading page no updated version is available for ARM. Would that be available soon? Thanks.

Hello @armando2023

There’s no native ThinLinc client for Mac M1. The one you should download and install is the Intel client for Mac:

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Hi, thanks for the comments. I tried them previously and it didn’t work. Just now I downloaded the
file tl-4.15.0_3258-client-macos.iso double-click on it and nothing happened. When I double click on the client icon I can see my already installed version 4.14.0.

Have you installed the intel emulation functionality on your Mac?

BUT! Cendio! What is the plan? Relying on emulation to run your client is a very bad situation, M1/M2 Macs have been around for ages now. What is the holdup? If your client software was open source, I am sure it would have been ported ages ago!

After doubler-clicking the ISO file, the “ThinLinc Client” will be mounted and visible under “Locations” in Finder, if you click there, you should be able to drag-and-drop the ThinLinc Client 4.15.0 to Applications.

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The issue is not the source code, but rather the build environment. We use a Linux-based build environment for everything, and we have yet to add support for macOS ARM to it. It’s in the queue, but it hasn’t been the highest priority issue since the emulation has been shown to be very good.