Unable to connect to ThinLinc on Linux Server with multiple IP addresses

Hi there

Just getting going with ThinLinc and I have to say I’m very impressed with it so far. I’ve installed it on one of my key systems which has multiple IP addresses in different VLAN’s. I will only ever need to access it from one subnet, so I know what configuration I want to achieve.

I’ve read through Why does ThinLinc try to connect to a different IP address than the one specified? And set the agent_hostname parameter to the IP address of the machine in the VLAN I want to use (192.168.2.x). However, when I try and use the web client, I can log in ok, and I then get stuck on a screen where it says, “Redirecting to 192.168.1.x” which is in a different VLAN and not reachable. Eventually the request times out which is to be expected as it’s not reachable.

How can I get around this? Although I thought I’d understood the process correctly from the Knowledgebase, the fact that it’s still redirecting suggests that I’ve missed/misunderstood something.

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Hi @jamesfreeman959, welcome!

“That shouldn’t happen” :slight_smile: Did you restart vsmagent after changing agent_hostname ?

$ sudo systemctl restart vsmagent.service

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Hi @martin

Thanks so much - that did the trick. I’ve restarted both web related services but I hadn’t specifically restarted the vsmagent service - it’s working a treat now! I’ll proceed to some more testing and integration!

Out of interest, is there an up to date resource for this tutorial: https://twitter.com/ThinLinc/status/932689917888561152

I have a number of solutions in mind which includes a Traefik proxy which can do all the LetsEncrypt integration, but currently looking into the architecture I’m going to use.

Thanks for getting me moving!


Glad to hear that you managed to move forward!

No, not really. There shouldn’t be anything special to it regarding Certbot and the ThinLinc TLS services (webaccess and webadm). They do require TLS, so doing any form of TLS termination “outside” of their bubbles would not work.