Webaccess in 4.15

I upgraded from 4.14 to 4.15 by simply running the installer. Upon reboot when I first try to log in by webaccess I get:

ThinLinc Web Access encountered an error:

document.getElementById(…) is null

addConnectionControlHandlers@https://foo.tailbar.ts.net:10000/app/ui.js:319:18 start@https://foo.tailbar.ts.net:10000/app/ui.js:105:12 prime/<@https://foo.tailbar.ts.net:10000/app/ui.js:49:27

(Hostname slightly obfuscated)

Restarting log in seems to resolv the problem and now it works fine. Browser used: Firefox 116.0.3 (64-bits canonical-002)

Hello @Buzz

It looks like your browser has cached part of the old version of
ThinLinc Web Access. These old parts are conflicting with the new
parts. You will need to clear your browser cache, or wait for a bit and
the issue should sort itself out.

Kind regards,

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