Cant access localhost:300 after new install

Cant access localhost:300 after new install… localhost:300 web UI portal working but during install process I created a password which is not recognised? I believe username is “ADMIN” so not sure what the issue is…

Also, localhost:1010 not letting me log in??

Hi @lwalinux, you should log in using a standard system username and password. So the same credentials you would use if you were sitting in front of the actual machine itself. The password which gets set during installation is only for the web administration interface. Hope that helps!

Hi @aaron, thank you for your reply back… Update: I have managed to get past my login issues previously however, my only issue now is when I log into the web UI portal and it begins connection I get anerror message saying oops, its crashed try logging out and restarting again which I do of course but I seem to be getting the same error when trying to connect to my fedora 40 workstation linux box in my local network?

I will do some more investigation ie. router, IP reservation, check firewalls etc but any ideas are welcome…

many thanks

lwalinux :slight_smile:

That’s not an error message I recognise from ThinLinc, perhaps your desktop environment is crashing. Do you use Gnome? I would recommend installing a more lightweight desktop for remote access, for example XFCE or MATE. ThinLinc should pick up on these desktops automatically once they are installed, and make them available when logging in.