Gfxlauncher-0.6.4 is released (SLURM interactive application launcher)

@LUNARC_LU announced today a new release of gfxlauncher. We are happy to see ThinLinc as a part of your project! Great job @jonas_lindemann, Anders and team!

See the tweet here:

“LUNARC has developed an on-demand solution allowing users to allocate a “private” graphics server (physical or virtual) with customizable hardware resources for a user-defined time window. To provide an easy to use experience we have developed a special tool for launching graphical on-demand applications and notebooks on our HPC backend, GfxLauncher. This tool displays a graphical user interface, where the user can select resource type and walltime for the selected application. GfxLauncher then launches the application through the resource management system (SLURM). The solution supports hardware-accelerated graphics applications running under arbitrary operating systems e.g. Linux and MS Windows seamlessly assembled into the CentOS based ThinLinc desktop."

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GfxLauncher was presented during the webinar

Check the video at 31:46.