ThinLinc Webinar - Anders Follin and Jonas Lindemann, LUNARC

In this presentation, Anders Follin and Jonas Lindemann (@jonas_lindemann) describe their implementation of interactive supercomputing at the Center for Scientific and Technical Computing, Lund University. Since 2013 LUNARC has been experimenting with different solutions to provide HPC access with graphics acceleration, and eventually settled on ThinLinc as their chosen solution.

  • Who: Anders Follin, Deputy and Technical Director @ LUNARC,
    Jonas Lindemann, Director @ LUNARC
  • When: Thursday August 27th 2020
  • Abstract: LUNARC very early saw the need for providing interactive desktop access to its HPC resources. Already in 2013, we introduced interactive frontends with hardware accelerated graphics. After evaluation of some remote access technologies, we chose ThinLinc from Cendio for our remote visualisation setup. In addition to our shared graphics servers, LUNARC has developed an on-demand solution allowing users to allocate a “private” graphics server (physical or virtual) with customisable hardware resources for a user-defined time window. Currently the LUNARC HPC desktop is used daily by ~30-40% of our users.
  • Jonas Lindemann has been at LUNARC since 2004, working on design, implementation and operation of HPC resources for Lund University. He is also actively engaged in teaching scientific computing (Python, C++ and Fortran) for graduate and post-graduate students. At LUNARC he has been the main developer of GfxLauncher and multiple other HPC related tools.
  • Anders Follin works in close collaboration with research communities building tailored end-to-end solutions using LUNARC’s tools, resources, and custom developed software. His special area of interest is computer graphics and remote visualisation. Before LUNARC, he was 15 years with Silicon Graphics Inc as a visualisation architect and business development manager.


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