Is there any method to implement per user permissions in Thinlinc?

Is there any method to implement per user permissions in Thinlinc? e.g. per user permission to use sound, clipboard, local drive, printers?
Similar functions just like RealVNC’s VNC Permissions Creator.
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This is not something that ThinLinc currently supports. It is however possible to disable some of these functions, see Restricting access to ThinLinc servers — The ThinLinc Administrator's Guide 4.14.0 build 2408 documentation
So as a workaround perhaps It would be possible for you to define different subclusters where the agents in each cluster is configured differently - Some allowing clipboard, while the other does not.

Then you can assign different user/groups to each subcluster, specific to their needs

Could you elaborate a bit more about your use case for this, and I’ll take of note of it to our internal dev meetings ?

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Our use case is for GUI server for code writing and engineering. For security reason, permissions must be set per user, e.g. engineers cannot use local drive to copy files out of the server by themselves, but manager have these permissions, they can ask for manager if needed.
What’s more, the need of SSH is another security issue for enterprise. The HTML 5 client is good, but a local client without need of SSH could be much better.

Thank you for your reply!