"You are not authorized to connect to this server"

We installed thinlinc on a Centos8 server on AWS.

I can access the server from the client, but only for the user under whom the thinlinc was installed. Any idea how to make it global across all users?

When a different user tries to access, we get an error: “You are not authorized to connect to this server”


I assume you have created some standard system users to log in as (see “How do I create a ThinLinc user?”). If so, are you able to SSH into the server as these users?

Hi Aaron,

Yes, we are able to SSH into the server as these users.

I checked the VSM logs. No mention of the attempts to sign in as a user other than the one I installed under. I also created a new linux user to check if that works. That doesn’t work either.

Any idea where is the login attempt logged? Maybe that’ll shed light into it.

Just to clarify, we are trying to log in using the username and .pem file.

Odd, because it sounds like the ThinLinc connection is failing very early on, while attempting to create the SSH tunnel which all client traffic is sent across. Are there any clues in your sshd logs on the server? There may be something in the client logs too, the location of which is described in the documentation here: 7.7.  Logfile placement

I solved the problem at least temporarily. The issue is that, we use both password and key for authentication to the AWS instance. Thinlinc is working if we switch to key-only authentication.