Jumphost support

Simple question . is there any support for connecting through a jumphost?
IE Workstation with Thinlinc Client → jumphost → Thinlink Server (ssh as protocol)

@mats the short answer is “no” unfortunately, it is not currently a built-in feature of ThinLinc.

The longer answer is that it can be done, but it is quite a bit of work to set up. One of our users made a post a while back describing how they did it here:

My personal ThinLinc use case and some performance comparison

Thanks @aaron

Maybe not the user friendly way I was hoping for but it may be a way forward. I will investigate this further.

I would like to second his request to add a proxy/jumphost setting to the GUI to make it a better user experience

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I use this in my ssh config … works very well …

Host thinlinc-host
     hostname thinlinc-hostname-as-seen-from-jumphost
     ProxyCommand ssh name-of-jumphost -W %h:%p
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Important is, that Thinlinc has his own ssh config




Thanks. I will dig deeper as soon as i can

@tobias.oetiker how about agents, which each have their own hostname? Or are you just running a single machine thinlinc-host?