Jumphost support

Simple question . is there any support for connecting through a jumphost?
IE Workstation with Thinlinc Client → jumphost → Thinlink Server (ssh as protocol)

@mats the short answer is “no” unfortunately, it is not currently a built-in feature of ThinLinc.

The longer answer is that it can be done, but it is quite a bit of work to set up. One of our users made a post a while back describing how they did it here:

My personal ThinLinc use case and some performance comparison

Thanks @aaron

Maybe not the user friendly way I was hoping for but it may be a way forward. I will investigate this further.

I would like to second his request to add a proxy/jumphost setting to the GUI to make it a better user experience

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I use this in my ssh config … works very well …

Host thinlinc-host
     hostname thinlinc-hostname-as-seen-from-jumphost
     ProxyCommand ssh name-of-jumphost -W %h:%p
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Important is, that Thinlinc has his own ssh config




Thanks. I will dig deeper as soon as i can

@tobias.oetiker how about agents, which each have their own hostname? Or are you just running a single machine thinlinc-host?

Sorry for a late reply.

the config file is in %appdata%\thinlinc on a Windows box.
I got it to see the file but then it says the permissions are bad and they look pretty OK to mee.
The user, administrators and system has full access on the file.

It also will be a little tricky to use Username/PW on the jumphost and keys on the target (a lot of editing I suppose)