Leading Development with Plenty of Laughter and Skills

We love pushing boundaries with ThinLinc, creating innovative solutions. We also understand the importance of having fun and strengthening bonds with our amazing team! That’s why we set aside time in our routine to develop new skills together, just like close friends or even family. Take a look at what we’ve been up to recently:

Family Gathering

Taking a break to welcome our coworkers’ loved ones at work gave us the opportunity to build stronger connections and create good memories together.

Welcoming the Cendio Mascot Dog

We now have a wonderful four-legged colleague who spreads happiness and brings smiles to the office. Who can resist such enthusiasm?

Sharpening More Than Just Our Skills

We’ve invested time honing our skills in and out of the office. Learning how to sharpen knives is just one instance.

Together, we are strong, creative, and ready for new challenges!