ThinLinc 4.17.0 Beta

Greetings! Five moons have passed, and as the upcoming release of ThinLinc 4.17.0 is on the horizon. You are now welcome to join us in our beta testing phase!

Your feedback is invaluable, so please take this beta-release version for a spin. Discover the changes, report any hiccups, and let us know what you think. Your insights will help us fine-tune the final version, which is coming soon!

This new release introduces more than 20 enhancements and fixes, where the overall goal has been to improve the user experience on the command line, and to allow the ThinLinc server to be installed and run on even more server configurations.

:globe_with_meridians: Download the Beta: Ready to explore the enhancements firsthand? Head over to our website and grab the beta version at .

Here are some of the stand-out enhancements:

:toolbox: Usability improvement: All ThinLinc command line tools allow options and arguments to be TAB-completed. This even works for some extra inputs like ThinLinc session data. We encourage you to try it out!

:star2: Compatibility Boost: Our ThinLinc server can now be used on systems that are configured to run in FIPS-mode.

:closed_lock_with_key: Security Enhancement: All our RPM-packages are now signed and may be verified using our public key that is packaged with our client and server bundles.

:bookmark_tabs: Read all about the coming release in our release notes, found on the beta page.

Please keep in mind that this beta-release version is best suited for testing and exploration, so refrain from using it on critical systems. We’re counting on your collaboration to make ThinLinc even better! :trophy: