ThinLinc 4.15.0 Beta

The upcoming release of ThinLinc is almost done and will include more than 140 enhancements and fixes. The most prominent changes are:

  • Managing a ThinLinc cluster from the command line has been made easier in various ways, primarily by a first version of a new tool called tlctl. All ThinLinc command-line tools have also gotten man pages, and it’s now easier to use the tools via sudo.

  • Cendio and ThinLinc have refreshed their branding, and as part of that, all of ThinLinc has gotten a graphical update. The change is primarily visual, so users will be able to find most things in the places they are used to.

  • The EULA has been updated to allow the ThinLinc server to be more easily distributed. This means that it is no longer necessary for third-party vendors to instruct their users to download the ThinLinc server package directly from Cendio’s website.

Ahead of the final release, a beta version is now available for testing. Please give it a try to see what’s changed, and if there are any problems we’ve missed. A final version should be out very soon.

Please note that this pre-release version should not be used on critical systems. The beta version can be downloaded from our website:

You’ll also find the release notes there, detailing all the changes in this release.