ThinLinc 4.15.0 released

Cendio are proud to present ThinLinc 4.15.0, with more than 140 enhancements and fixes. The most prominent changes are:

  • Managing a ThinLinc cluster from the command line has been made easier in various ways, primarily by a first version of a new tool called tlctl. All ThinLinc command-line tools have also gotten man pages, and it’s now easier to use the tools via sudo.

  • Cendio and ThinLinc have refreshed their branding, and as part of that, all of ThinLinc has gotten a graphical update. The change is primarily visual, so users will be able to find most things in the places they are used to.

  • The EULA has been updated to allow the ThinLinc server to be more easily distributed. This means that it is no longer necessary for third-party vendors to instruct their users to download the ThinLinc server package directly from Cendio’s website.

A detailed description of this release is available here:

Note: The Windows version of the ThinLinc client is currently not signed and users may get a SmartScreen prompt to confirm that they want to install the client. There are new requirements for signing Windows applications and we were unable to have those resolved in time for the release. A signed version of the ThinLinc client will be available at a later date.

The client and server software can be downloaded directly from our web page. The software is completely free for up to 10 concurrent users.

Get started using ThinLinc 4.15.0 by visiting our getting started page: