Request to support multiple profile on ThinLinc client


I routinely connect to multiple Thinlinc servers at the same time.

When I click the ThinLinc icon, it opens the connection dialog with the server name populated from the last login. I have to manually enter in different server names each time I log in to a different server and it’s very cumbersome. I am wondering if I could create a shortcut to open the login dialog with different server name, or maybe ThinLinc itself to support multiple servers - maybe like show different servers in different “cards” and let me click on it to login to different servers.

Is there a good solution to this?

Thank you!

Hello @soichih

We’ve heard of this type of request before, either some sort of connection manager or having the client remember the X last connections - Hopefully it is something that will get attention in a future release of ThinLinc.

Meanwhile it should be possible to do what you suggest, creating a shortcut with server name already populated. You can start the client with

tlclient -u <username> <servername>

or if on windows

tlclient.exe -u <username> <servername>

How you would go about creating shortcuts for this depends on your client operating system.

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Hello again @soichih

I just wanted to give you an update to this, and something myself had forgotten about.
It is possible to create .tlclient file with configuration paramters.
Any name is accepted, but the file extension .tlclient is recommended. The Windows, Linux, and macOS packages configures the system to automatically recognize such files as configuration files for the ThinLinc Client.

You would create one .tlclient file for each system you want to connect to, and then just simply clicking them will launch the ThinLinc client preconfigured with the settings read from that file, such as host name, user name, resolution etc.

Please see 7.8.2. Configuration Parameter Storage

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