Server bundle not downloading

Cannot get the server bundle to download. Downloaded client, no problem.
Using Ubuntu 22.04.1 with Firefox 109.0, Chromium 109.0.5414.74, and Brave v1.47.171 browsers.
Filled in form at “” and clicked “Download now”,
Goes to page at “” but no download is started. Is it possible HughesNet is blocking it?

Hello @mike

Thank you for the report. I’ve not been able to replicate the problem, could you try this direct link and see if the download starts?

Kind regards,

Link was successful. Downloaded server zip file. Thanks!
I believe problem may be something incorrect in my browsers’ hooks into Python,etc. from web-page scriots. Is there a log file I can check for such an issue, i.e. web-page script errors/warnings? Problem may reappear when trying to use ThinLinc…

Perhaps the browser console can show what went wrong?
In Chrome/Firefox that would be Ctrl+Shift+I