Ubuntu 24.04 - "Is this a ThinLinc server?" - ThinLinc client only

Hi all

I’m currently upgrading some of my development machines to Ubuntu 24.04 to start testing and gaining experience in it. I’ve installed ThinLinc 4.16 server on one machine, and the Web UI (on port 300) works just fine.

However when I try and connect using the ThinLinc client (using SSH on port 22), I get an error saying the connection was refused and asking “Is this a ThinLinc server?”. SSH itself works just fine - I have a working terminal open.

Are there any known issues or changes around the way Ubuntu 24.04 works? Any logs or other information I can submit to help?

Many thanks


Hello @jamesfreeman959

Please have a look at the following topics, perhaps those can help you forward?


Thanks Martin! Not my finest moment - the moral here is, if you’re playing with the HOST_ALIASES parameter in ~/.thinlinc/tlclient.conf, remember to remove them when you’re done testing. The server was working fine - issue was entirely on the client end - tcpdump to the rescue in my case!

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