Tlclient says "server refused connection. is this a tl server?" but admintool has session entry?

I’m trying to connect to my tlserver, the tlclient tries to connect and then displays the error message “Server refused the connection. Is this a ThinLinc server?”. When opening the webadministration under status > sessions an entry for the user is present, disconnected but still there.
What could be the cause of this? How do I solve this?

In /var/log/vsmserver.log I get the entries:
User with uid <uid> (<name>) requested a new session
Session created for user <name>
So the client is able to connect with the server. But still the question remains, why is the client asking if the server is a ThinLinc server?

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Hello @nanas

This could happen if the service ‘vsmserver’ is not running.
You can verify this either in the web admin under “System Health” and look for
" The vsmserver service is stopped".
Or you can do a systemctl status vsmserver

Another thing that can cause this is if there’s some limitation on how many ssh logins a user can have, or something else on the system causing SSH logins to fail.

Are you able to login with normal SSH to your Thinlinc master?



@nanas please see the following topic, where a user had a similar issue and solved it. Perhaps it might be helpful:

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