Session terminates immediately on Ubuntu 18.04

I’ve just upgraded a system from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04. (actually more close to Ubuntu Gnome, as I’m using Gnome, not the Ubuntu desktop)

Previously ThinLinc worked fine, but now when I connect with ThinLinc the session terminates straight away.

I’m not sure where to look for clues as to why it has a problem - none of the ThinLinc files in /var/log have anything useful.

Has anyone had the same thing, or got any good tips on debugging session failures?

Hello @firthmj

The session log file is located in /var/opt/thinlinc/sessions//last/xinit.log, and will usually contain valuable information for debugging session start up problems.

Sometimes it might also be worth to take a look in the client log file, which is located in %TMP%/tlclient.log on Microsoft Windows and ~/.thinlinc/tlclient.log on Linux/macOS.

Since you recently upgraded your ThinLinc server I would suggest you to start look at the xinit.log.

You’re more than welcome to share the log if you don’t feel comfortable in debugging it yourself.

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Thanks for the pointer to the log file. It looks like the issue must be these lines:

Executing XDG session command: init --user
init: unrecognised option ‘–user’
Profile command exited with exit code 1

As the server then terminates after them. Just not quite sure what “init” command it is trying to run…




A Google search for the log lines found this Thinlinc Bugzilla ticket:

It was exactly that issue, purging “upstart” has fixed my problem.

Not sure why it was present, as the machine started out as 16.04, and the ticket suggested that upstart should only have been present if the machine was originally 14.04 or older, but at least it is fixed.

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