When I connect via thinlinc web and app, a blue screen appears

Hello, when I connect to the thinlinc server that I have installed on ubuntu 20.04, a blue screen appears, how can I solve this problem.

Hello @pilgrimage

We recently had another user with this same symptoms, It was answered here
Could try and see if the proposed solution works for you?

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Hi @pilgrimage

Have you installed a window manager on your thinlinc server?
apt-get install ubuntu-mate-desktop

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I have exactly the same problem. It seems like that this is another desktop because if i start terminal on my linux it starts in that Thinlinc window. :-/

Hello @JAMy

Make sure you’re not logged in as the same user at the local console when connecting via ThinLinc.


@martin I am confused by your reply.
Why would I log out from the local console? :open_mouth: That is exactly the session I want to join to be able to continue working where I left off when I was sitting beside the computer I am connecting to :thinking:

Hello @johny_mnemonic,

Thinlinc does not support connecting to the local running session (:0). Thinlinc comes with its own virtual Xorg server and will spawn a new session upon logging in for the first time. After disconnect its possible to reconnect to the started session.

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I see :frowning_face:
I hoped I have finally found a solution for remote work in ThinLinc…

So the only way I would be able to do this would be to install ThinLinc client on my laptop (where ThinLinc server runs) and when I disconnect from the session created by ThinLinc from my other computers, I would need to login locally like different user, connect to the ThinLinc session and either continue working like that or finish the work and logout, to be able to open regular local session.
Seems pretty complicated :man_shrugging:

Yes, using a ‘dummy’ account that only runs the client is one way to solve this. Thinlinc is not intended to be used in one-to-one scenario as you describe here, but rather as a solution to provide means to provide a Linux desktop to multiple users.

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