Sound not working under Ubuntu 22.04

Hi all,
I installed thinlinc on Ubuntu 22.04 both on a desktop version and on a server version with the mate environment and I can’t get the sound redirection to work properly.
I can hear desktop notifications, but Firefox and Chromium don’t make any sound. I tried restarting pulse audio to no avail. Also I had a look at Firefox details and it’s showing it’s using the dummy audio driver.
These two installs were clean, purposely built to test thinlinc on Proxmox 7.3.
I would appreciate any help.
FYI - I had to run host +SI:localuser:`id -un to get Firefox to be able to connect to the window server.
Thank you

I did another test now with a fresh Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 VM on the same VM host and audio works fine, so it seems there is an incompatibility between thinlinc 4.14.0 and Ubuntu 22.04 pulseaudio.

Thank you

I tried Pop OS, which is based on Ubuntu Desktop 22.02 and it seems to work better than Ubuntu. Sound works, and Firefox starts out of the box without having to use host +SI:...