Completely disable "audio" support on ThinLinc Server

Hi TL team,

I’m looking at possible way(s) to disengage/disable any use of audio forwarding from the TL server side.
I’ve seen that, on LXQt for example, “pulseaudio” is tacking a massive amount of CPU resources while no audio is needed on that particular system.

I’d take any clues =)

Kind regards,
Thanks for TL, love it!!

Hello @mokaz,

The only way I know of to stop audio redirection from the server side is to unset PULSE_COOKIE, PULSE_SERVER and PULSE_RUNTIME_DIR for the users.

This could be achieved by creating a startup-script inside /opt/thinlinc/etc/xstartup.d/ that does this. It will be executed on creation of new sessions.

But more curious to why PulseAudio is hogging resources for you. I think I’ve heard of something similar when the client PulseAudio server has crashed. Is this something you only observe in LXQt ?