Completely disable "audio" support on ThinLinc Server

Hi TL team,

I’m looking at possible way(s) to disengage/disable any use of audio forwarding from the TL server side.
I’ve seen that, on LXQt for example, “pulseaudio” is tacking a massive amount of CPU resources while no audio is needed on that particular system.

I’d take any clues =)

Kind regards,
Thanks for TL, love it!!

Hello @mokaz,

The only way I know of to stop audio redirection from the server side is to unset PULSE_COOKIE, PULSE_SERVER and PULSE_RUNTIME_DIR for the users.

This could be achieved by creating a startup-script inside /opt/thinlinc/etc/xstartup.d/ that does this. It will be executed on creation of new sessions.

But more curious to why PulseAudio is hogging resources for you. I think I’ve heard of something similar when the client PulseAudio server has crashed. Is this something you only observe in LXQt ?


Thanks Martin, I’ll come back at you onto this – this was an issue on an ephemeral lab on which, killing pulse was done manually at the end… though I’d also like to get to the bottom of this… cheers. m.