SSH Suddenly Throwing "Network is Unreachable" when Connecting to Server

Hello Forum,

So currently i am trying to ssh into my AWS instance through my iTerm on mac and in return its giving me these error

ssh ssh [user]@[host]
ssh: connect to host [host] port 31393: Network is unreachable

I tried to find various resources wrt the network unreachable error on Mac but none of the solutions were available additionally my firewall is also activated but still again and again i am getting these errors. Any help from the community is highly appreciated. Thank You

Hi @Yash

There’s not enough information provided for me to draw any conclusions.

Is port 31393 forwarded in the AWS VPC firewall to your instance’s sshd port?
Is this something that has previously been working for you, or is this a new AWS set up?

If you could provide the actual value of [host], it would probably give others in the community a better chance to assist you.

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