ThinLinc 4.14.0 Released

Cendio are proud to present ThinLinc 4.14.0, with more than 60
enhancements and fixes. The most prominent changes are:

  • The native client now supports full-screen mode over an arbitrary set
    of monitors. This can be useful for users that mainly work in
    ThinLinc, but has some local applications they still need. They can
    now have ThinLinc on two monitors, and let a third monitor continue
    showing the local system.

  • Future versions of the ThinLinc client will not support SSH servers
    that are using the older “ssh-rsa” method for host keys or public
    key authentication. For most that means OpenSSH 7.2 or later is
    required on ThinLinc server systems.

  • Support for some older platforms has been removed. The ThinLinc
    client is no longer available for eLux RP 5. The ThinLinc server
    now only supports 64-bit x86 systems. ThinLinc Web Access no longer
    supports Internet Explorer or the previous generation Microsoft
    Edge browser.

A detailed description of the this release is available here:

The client and server software can be downloaded directly from our web
page. The software is completely free for up to 10 concurrent users.

Get started using ThinLinc 4.14.0 by visiting our getting started page: