ThinLinc 4.15 and changed Profile Chooser layout


After the latest 4.15.0 release we noted that with this release the ThinLinc ProfileChooser seem to have changed (does not seem to be mentioned in the Release Notes, thought) from a simple and IMHO way more intuitive GUI to something that noew requires to scroll down to reach profile entries at the very end of the profile list.

See here:

Previous example layout (before ThinLinc 4.15.0):

New layout since 4.15:

As you can spot, this new ProfileChooser layout comes with IMHO a more unintuitive layout than the previous one which allowed to more quickly switch between different profiles and also provided a better general overview over all available profiles without having to use the mouse or even keyboard.

So I would be really interested to understand why this new layout had been choosen, why it wasn’t announced in the beginning, if this might be just a local issue here and if there are chances that there exists a way to bring back the old layout or if there are chances that with an upcoming update the layout might be at least configurable so that the old layout will reappear.

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Hello @j.maus

Unfortunately, there is no way to bring back to the old layout.

The picture we have is that it is uncommon to have more than 3 profiles configured. Our view is that the new profile chooser gives a better instant overview of the available profiles in most cases. Images (the screenshots) are more quickly recognizable at a glance and allow users easier navigation.

We understand your concerns, though. In your case, you have at least 4 profiles from what I can see. Would it be an acceptable way forward to rearrange your profiles, placing the 3 most common ones at the top?

Another possibility would be to limit the access of some profiles to certain groups of users or other criteria. This could be configured using testcmd for the profile in question.

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It is very sad that you won’t consider providing some possibility (config option) to be able to choose a more slim or different layout of the profile chooser. There is IMHO so much wasted space in the new layout which does not only limit the amount of profiles to be displayed, the profile chooser also does not adapt to the overal maximum resolution available and always opens with the same fixed width&height no matter how large the connection screen is. Furthermore, the image size of the profile screenshot images is actually fixed which otherwise could be used to make the overall size of the profile chooser smaller so that more profiles will fit into the fixed size.

In fact, IMHO the new profile chooser layout is really suboptimal not only regarding flexibility and intuitive visibility and overview over all enabled profiles and it would be great if you could consider revising it once more. On top of that it also would be great if the sources of the profile chooser would be available in non-obfuscated python code so that users like we could more easily adapt it to our needs. In fact, it is really sad that most python code you ship with ThinLinc is still delivered as obfuscated python code and that you don’t supply at least these kind of additional tools with is full unobfuscated source code for more easily adaption which would also allow third-parties to publish own versions or forks of these tools for the whole ThinLInc community.

Our view is that most users rarely have that many profiles, as they generally want to maintain a consistent experience for all users. Since you seem to have a number of profiles, we are interested in understanding your setup a bit better.

How many profiles do you have that users can choose between? And what are the different use cases?