ThinLinc mentioned in IT-Administrator, a prestigious German IT magazine

We are happy to share with you the most recent article mentioning ThinLinc. Dr. Holger Reibold wrote an article about ThinLinc, which includes a tutorial on implementing and using it.

“Zeitloser Klassiker” is the original title in German, which means “Timeless Classic” in English, and was published in the September 2021 IT-Administrator magazine edition.

Dr. Reibold is a well-known IT specialized journalist in Germany and has on his background the publication of books and more than 1 thousand IT-related articles in various technical journals such as Fachzeitschriften wie Android User, Cobbs Inside, Computer Bild, DOS, Dr. Web, Internet Magazin, Internet Pro, IT-Administrator, Net-Investor, PC Magazin, PC Pro, Linux Intern, Linux Magazin, Open Source Magazin, TecChannel, Weka, etc.

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