ThinLinc -> Windows PC possible?


can someone tell me if the following is possible? I am totally new to ThinLinc.
I have a industrial Panel (Gönnheimer PC100 EX PC) with ThinLinc installed.
I want to use the Panel to see and work on a windows PC via VNC using ThinLinc. Is that possible?

Hi @nienhada. Thanks for interacting on our community.

I found the following posts which I think help to answer your question.

Interesting to learn about Gönnheimer panels.

You have any info on how these panels connection work normally?

Hello muitotri,

thanks for your reply. I am still not sure about if it could work or not to be honest.
In the Panels Manual the following is stated regarding ThinLinc. To me it sounds like only graphic information can be shared, but no mouse or keyboard commands, or is this done via ssh? Also i am unsure about what Server-Software would need to be installed on the Windows system, or is that not relevant?

9.12 ThinLinc
ThinLinc is a Linux terminal server solution that utilizes server-based computing for desktop and application virtualization. In addition to the ThinLinc framework itself, the package includes a VNC client for transmitting graphical information of the (virtual) remote desktop or application, as well as OpenSSH for securing the connection through encryption. In the session configuration, you can choose display parameters such as screen size, resolution, or full-screen mode. You can also optimize compression to save bandwidth. The SSH port can be adjusted according to your requirements. The default is the standard port 22.
You can assign various local resources to a ThinLinc session, including printers, serial ports, local files (NFS with read and/or write permission), and audio devices (audio output on local speakers). It is possible to allow desktop mirroring for a ThinLinc session. This option is disabled by default.

ThinLinc “streams” graphics. ThinLinc also allows using mouse and keyboard. It is VNC over SSH.

ThinLinc Server is compatible only with Linux.
It is possible to provide access to Windows from inside the Linux session. Instructions on how to do that are mentioned in the two links shared here

I found similar document structure and text in Igel Universal Desktop User Guide.
Would you mind sharing a link to the documentation?

Please let us know if it helps.


Hello muitotri,

thanks for the info!
I am not to sure what you mean with “It is possible to provide access to Windows from inside the Linux session”. Does it mean it would be possible to connect to a VNC-Server on a Windows System with ThinLinc?

I dont have a link to the documentation unfortunately, but yes you are right, it is about Igel Linux

It requires adding other components, such as the ones mentioned on the posts I shared with you. Here is a quote from one of those posts.

It is not possible to connect to a VNC-Server on a Windows System with ThinLinc.