Can you use ThinLinc against a Windows computer?

A visitor from our website asked the following question yesterday:
“Can you use ThinLinc against a Windows computer?”

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The ThinLinc Server works only on Linux, being compatible with the most popular Linux distributions. More info and

Users get access to the Linux server through the ThinLinc Client. ThinLinc has 3 native clients available for download, they work on Linux, macOS and Windows. Another alternative is the web client, which does not require download, just a modern browser, server address, login and password.

So if the question “Can you use ThinLinc against a Windows computer?” refers to the installation and use of ThinLinc on a Windows server, the answer is “No”.

However, if the same question refers to the use of a Windows computer as a client to get access to the ThinLinc Linux Server, the answer is “Yes”.

There is even a third possibility which allows a user to get access to a Windows computer through ThinLinc. In this case, ThinLinc would be installed on the Linux Server and from that Linux Server the user could eventually use Xfreerdp as client for Linux to get access to a Windows desktop for instance.

My knowledge here is limited and therefore I ask help from the community to share your experiences about how you access Windows from the ThinLinc Server. Any help is welcome.

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Concerning the third possibility aforementioned about “how to get access to Windows or Windows applications through ThinLinc” I found a video demo on YouTube that might help those looking for more information about the topic.

Please see: ThinLinc HPC - Interactive HPC @ LUNARC / Lund University - Anders Follin and Jonas Lindemann - YouTube (51:16)

In this specific case, the protocol used is RDP and the client for Linux is xfreerdp.