Poll - Which ThinLinc client platform(s) do you use? [CLOSED]

Following on from our last poll on desktop environments - which gave some interesting results - this time we’d like to know which client platform you use to access them with.

ThinLinc supports a number of different client platforms, from a standard Windows PC through to some pretty exotic ARM-based devices. If you use more than one on a regular basis, you can select up to three choices below.

This poll will run until 2021-06-23T23:59:00Z, and the anonymous results published on close live (whoops, can’t change it now).

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Windows (native)
  • OS X (native)
  • Linux (native)
  • HTML5 (browser)
  • eLux (thin terminal)
  • ThinPro (thin terminal)
  • IGEL (thin terminal)
  • Other (please comment below)

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At the office we use thin clients to access via the use of LTSP on a Linux server. All thin clients boot via PXE and then start the thinlinc client software to access the thinlinc server.

It works great.

At home when working remote we all use Linux native. I’ve put my answer as Other though as we mostly use thinlinc through LTSP.


Poll is now closed, thanks to everyone who took part. Interesting to note that many people are accessing their Linux desktops from a Linux desktop, and that the browser client is such a popular alternative.

We’re gradually building a picture of what our “typical” ThinLinc user looks like. Keep an eye out for the next poll!

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