ThinLinc as a substitute for spice in KVM/QEMU

Redhat has removed support for spice in the latest release, leaving vnc as the only choice for remote desktop of virtual machines. Has anybody had success installing ThinLinc in this environment?

ThinLinc is commonly used in virtualized environments, so that shouldn’t generally be a problem.
If you’re talking about containers, there has been some community effort into having ThinLinc running a Docker image, but it is not something that is officially supported.


Thanks, Martin!

Would ThinLinc server be running on the host operating system? or individual copies running on each guest operating system? The host is Rocky Linux, the guests are all Windows 10. VNC running on the host seems to work pretty well, but no audio, clipboard, file transfer, etc.

The ThinLinc server is Linux-only, so yes, it would be required to install this on Rocky Linux.
Please keep in mind that ThinLinc comes with its own Xorg server, and provides virtual desktops, so accessing any local installed X Server / Desktop environment on this host is not possible.


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