ThinLinc in a Docker is ready for testing - Please help!

Over the last few weeks I have been collaborating with @muitotri from ThinLinc in the development of a docker based ThinLinc demo system. Which lets prospective users easily test ThinLinc on their own systems, without having to go through the installation process.

The result of this effort is available from

I would be thrilled to get your feedback and ideas for improvement, maybe even pull requests?

May main focus for now is:

  • make the setup instructions easy to understand
  • trim down the docker image in size by removing unnecessary software packages



Thanks, @tobias.oetiker, for developing the “ThinLinc in a Docker” and make it available here.

I found it interesting to be able to test drive ThinLinc in a Docker.

We believe that there are several folks in the Linux community with a need to use a solution like ThinLinc, but that for some reason don’t know about ThinLinc existence as well as never tried it as a consequence. We have the goal of making it easier for everyone to find and test drive ThinLinc and I think that ThinLinc in a Docker contributes positively to the achievement of the goal. Hopefully, more ideas will emerge in this forum, they are always welcome. I encourage all of you to discuss, test, share ideas, etc.

My first ThinLinc in a Docker experience
I was happy to run it on a macOS device with your support successfully for two days ago. In total, I took 30 minutes to make it work and liked the experience. Later I tried it on the Windows laptop, and it worked smoothly as well.
In my specific case, it was slightly complex in the beginning, mainly because of living for many years without using the command line (after I started using Windows 98, I believe I left DOS) and due to basic knowledge of CUI in other systems.
However, even with the mentioned limitations, I found it really fun! : )
Maybe it is because I learned something new and had the chance to experience it.

I would suggest adding some more lines to the instructions to help other newcomers have the fun I had. I intend to share it with you later.

I am curious to read what more experienced folks will say about it. Cheers!