ThinLinc users sessions

I am trying to find a solution for ThinLinc sessions, users usually don’t log-out the session properly when they leave, this leaves their thinlinc sessions open on server which keep consuming server resources and sometimes corrupt their files in case if the server is restarted.

how can I configure auto log-out policy for thinlinc sessions, like if someone is inactive for 3 hours his session must be automatically log-out (not killed but gracefully log-out)

I would really appreciate if you can help me out with this.



Yes, there are a couple of different options, you can read about them in our Administrator’s Guide here:

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Hi, Can I make this time based, like after 6PM but before 8AM it logout user sessions who are idle for 2 hours

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Sorry to say, there’s no tooling in ThinLinc for achieving that functionality.

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I have configured -MaxIdleTime 28800 and in the morning users are not able to login the error message that we got “username/password incorrect” it’s worth noting here that some users are able to login on same servers without any issue

there’s no issue with LDAP we have checked their password with other LDAP integrated services and it was working absolutely fine

I’m afraid that must be caused by something else, as authentication and the idle setting are not handled by the same components.

Could you have a look and see what the system journal states when these authentications failed?