Two Quick Verification Queries on Aventra MyEID Compatability

We tested authentication successfully with Aventra MyEID 4.0.x cards. In placing a bulk order, the OEM now offers only version 4.5 cards, with a newly upgraded chip. (NXP deprecated their JCOP2 chips used on the Aventra v4.0.x smart card products.)

I’m thinking the new MyEID cards will be fine when authenticating against TL. But, to be sure, two verification questions follow:

  1. Will Cendio have any authentication or performance challenges with upgrading the RSA keys to 4096 bits, from 2048, or should I keep the keys to 2048?
  2. Anyone know or heard of any potential compatibility issues with this new smart card and TL?

Appreciate the assistance.

The client needs to be running ThinLinc 4.14.0 for the Aventra 4.5 cards with 4096-bit keys, but besides that, it should work fine. I’m afraid we haven’t compared performance between key sizes.

(You also shouldn’t try using 1024-bit keys because of this issue, but such small keys aren’t really recommended these days anyway)