Using SSH Key Agents with the ThinLinc Client


It seems that the ThinLinc client requires directly defining one specific private SSH key for every connection and to enter the key password every connection attempt.

SSH authentication using public keys is typically handled by ssh key agents, for example the OpenSSH auth agents in Linux or for example on WIndows the Pageant authentication agent that is part of the PuTTY suite, such that it is not required to continually enter in a key password or to have to to permanently define a specific key for a specific connection.

Is it possible to also use an SSH public key agent with the ThinLinc client?


Hello @MrX

No, unfortunately ThinLinc does not support SSH agent yet :frowning:


Thanks for clearing that up.
If there is a list of very useful features to add to what is otherwise a great remote desktop solution: ssh key ageant support would make using the client much more convenient. :wink: