Cendio is at Cray User Group 2023 (CUG)

Technology moves us, and we are honored to be sponsoring and participating in CUG 2023, which is taking place in Helsinki, Finland, from May 7 to 11. The theme of this edition is Sustainable Exascale. This is a double reference to environmental sustainability in hosting energy-hungry exascale systems and to sustained application performance, that is, harnessing the exascale systems for real-world workloads.

More than sponsoring, ThinLinc is contributing to this debate. This morning, we participated in the plenary “Sponsor talk, Best Paper, New sites” where Pierre Ossman, our CTO, talked about “High-Performance Remote Linux Desktops with ThinLinc”. In this opportunity, he shared the case of CUG member sites, which use ThinLinc to provide users with access to applications such as MATLAB or VMD, as well as a “Remote Research Desktop”. You can check the full presentation on Youtube by clicking here.

At the event, you can also visit ThinLinc’s stand to chat with us and see our demos. Speaking of which, we came prepared to bring knowledge with more lightness and colors to the meeting, inspired by our MATLAB partner, Mike Croucher.

Recently, he published an article with a script inspired by the most colorful season of the year, represented by the daffodil flower. And, of course, Robert Henschel did not miss the opportunity to add some color to Cendio’s demo that is being presented at CUG 2023.

Another brief spoiler of what’s happening around here: Carbon-neutral operations

CSC Finland has been hosting Cray systems since 1989 and will present its latest installation, the EU’s flagship supercomputer LUMI. Its fully carbon-neutral operations are powered by 100% hydroelectric energy, and its waste heat is being used to warm up 20% of the nearby city Kajaani in Northern Finland. By using a brownfield data center solution and taking into account supply chain sustainability when acquiring the system, the total footprint was also reduced. A nice step towards a more sustainable future, don’t you think?

We can’t wait to know even more about other initiatives from the CUG 2023 community! If you also want to keep up with the news, you can check more details of the event by clicking here: https://cug.org/cug-2023/

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