Cendio US Branch Office

For those in the US who would like a more local point of contact, Pontus Anderson (@pva) is available on Chicago time to help out with your queries. If you’re looking into ThinLinc or server-based computing and would like to discuss this further, you can reach out to him on +1 (708) 480 2163, or ponan@cendio.com.

All technical support queries should still be directed to support@cendio.com.

@pva, say hi! (and happy thanksgiving :slightly_smiling_face: :turkey:)


Welcome @pva ! I hope you had a great thanksgiving day!

Hi everyone and thanks for the warm welcome @aaron. Still coming out of a sweet potato souffle and turkey coma so forgive any slow responses in the next 48 hours!

Happy to serve our friends in North America. As mentioned feel free to reach out via cell or email or connect on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pontusvandersson/.