Change option keys to be Alt, and command keys to be Super on MacOS

I noticed that the documentation says:

Whenever either of the Alt keys are pressed, ThinLinc will behave as if AltGr was pressed. The left Command key is used as a replacement for Alt in order to use shortcuts like Alt+F. The right Command key retains its behaviour of acting like the Super/Windows key.

I was wondering if there is a config I can change so that left Command behaves like Super, and for the left and right Alt (option) key to behave like Alt.

I don’t care for AltGr, I just want Option keys to be Alt, and Command keys to be Super. Is there some way to configure that?

@didibus I have just had a chat with our devs, and this mapping isn’t possible to change in current versions of ThinLinc.

I’d be very interested in configuring the behavior of the Alt and Command keys on macOS as well. With the current behavior it’s impossible to do Alt-Tabbing when ThinLinc isn’t in full-screen mode. If Alt was simply Alt, it would work also in windowed mode.

Are there any plans do make this behavior configurable?

Any news on this? I’d really like to be able use ThinLinc in windowed mode with a functional alt key.

@joscha_schmiedt nothing new to report at present, unfortunately. I have added a bug to our Bugzilla for tracking this request, which you might like to subscribe to:


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