Keyboard shortcuts aka hotkeys

I am trying to find a configuration option to enable sending keyboard shortcuts aka hotkeys to target system.
I have “send system keys” enabled in my ThinLinc client, but even Alt+Tab is switching windows on my source PC with Windows 10 instead of on my target Linux machine :man_shrugging:

Hello @johny_mnemonic,

For key combos, such as alt+tab, Thinlinc needs to be run in fullscreen mode for the keys to work in the remote session.

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Does switching the currently opened session from windowed to fullscreen count as well?
I tried it and it still didn’t grab my keyboard so to speak, same as when switched back to windowed mode.

Starting the session in fullscreen and then switching to a windowed mode works and keyboard is grabbed correctly, i.e. the keyboard shortcuts go to remote session only when the window is active.
So I don’t honestly understand why you do not allow keyboard grab in windowed mode if it works this good @martin

Is there a way how to enforce the resolution of the opened session, i.e. set it to 1920x1080? I have 49" screen on my desktop, so I want to have the session opened only on part of my screen.

Edit: Unfortunately it seems I tested it wrong. Or it did stop working after a while, but keyboard shortcuts are not working after switching to windowed mode and even switching back to fullscreen won’t make it working again😭 So it is basically not usable for general use outside of staying in the fullscreen whole time.

Hello @johny_mnemonic

Could you give me enough details, so I can replicate the issues you’re facing with the hotkeys, please?

Regarding the resolution, I believe you should set the resolution in your desktop environment, in Settings/Display.

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