"Real" Fullscreen Mode for the Mac Client

I am using the thinlinc client on the mac. I find two problems with it:

  • its full screen mode is too much. I like to work full screen but I still like to get away from full screen in an user friendly way … (hot corners or 4 finger swipe). If you try the Microsoft RDP client you can see what I mean

  • support for the compose key is missing. On Unix, I use the compose key a lot … I have not yet found a way to make this work with the mac client …

Any hints ?



Hi @tobias.oetiker, happy new year :slight_smile:

Currently the only way to switch fullscreen mode is via the context menu (F8 by default). A hot-key (or gesture) may be a nice idea for future versions, though. You could try disabling the “Send system keys” option in the client, which would allow you to do actions like “Exposé” even in fullscreen mode. This would prevent you using system keys in the session however, which may or may not be a problem depending on how you work.

Regarding the compose key, my understanding is that this needs to be supported on the client OS in order to work, and I don’t think OS X has this support. I will try and get some clarification.

With karabiner-elements it is possible to implement compose key functionality on MacOS. I am using this successfully. But the composed input does not travel through the thinlinc client

Hmm I see. I’m not familiar with karabiner-elements.

IIRC VNC sends characters not keypresses to the server, which is why the interpretation needs to happen client side even if compose/dead keys are supported by Xorg on the server.

I wonder what happens if you run xev in the remote session and try a compose key.