ThinLinc client in full screen results in black screen on macOS 13

We recently became aware of a problem with the latest update of macOS (13.1), when using ThinLinc client in full screen. You get a completely black screen whenever you enable full-screen. It doesn’t matter if you use a single monitor, or multiple, or if “Displays use separate spaces” is on or off.

For some odd reason, it works if you start the client in full-screen mode. But if you disable it and re-enable it, then you get a black screen again.

Tested on both ARM and x86.

The issue only happens with “Send system keys” enabled in the ThinLinc client.

At the moment there is no known work around


Note that a fix is available in the pre-release builds of the ThinLinc client for macOS.


Great news @samuel! Thanks for the update!

Would that be the download link “Nightly build clients (development version)” at ?

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Yes, thats right. Note that we don’t recommend using pre-release builds in production environments.

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Since you don’t recommend using pre-release builds in production environments, when might we see an official release/build with this fix? macOS Ventura shipped in Sept. 2022, and a fix for this issue was identified in March 2023…

Hello @gneagle,

A very valid question,:slight_smile: Normally, we strive to have releases twice per year. I would say that 4.15.0 is just around the corner, and should be available sometime during this summer.

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